Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Driving Tips

Winter has set in and many people in cars will be stranded. Don't let that happen to you. Even if you are stranded, you should have a kit to help you until you can get help, or the weather improves. The biggest tip of course is to not drive. Don't drive in bad Winter weather unless you absolutely must.

Check your headlights and taillights. You need to be seen when the weather gets bad. Visibility can be a major contributor to accidents. You can't see them or they can't see you. Slow down.

Before driving, check your engine. If you have difficulty starting or the engine sounds bad, get it checked by a mechanic. Driving a car with something waiting to go wrong is a bad idea in any type of weather, but could prove fatal in Winter. Check your battery for fully charging and loose wires or connections, and any corrosion.

These are always an afterthought: Windshield wipers. People just don't check them until the need them. Always check your wipers before driving to make sure they are cleaning the window and make good contact.

Check the tire pressure. With cold temperatures the tires lose pressure. Very low pressure could make for a dangerous driving situation.

Put emergency supplies in your car. Here's a good list: Blankets, gloves, hats, water, flashlight, flares,  tool kit, and boots.

Stay safe driving, but only drive in bad weather if you have to!

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