Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moving Tips

There are options for moving. You can either rent a truck or trailer and move yourself, hire professional movers, or even rent those big boxes that you fill and are stored elsewhere for later delivery. Either way, it can be expensive and time consuming. Did you know there are ways of saving money when you move?

First of all, you don't have to move everything. This may sound strange, but then it actually becomes logical. Think about it. Your house or apartment is full of stuff. A lot of it junk that you will never use or need again. Why not donate it, sell it, or trash it? The less stuff and junk you need to move, the cheaper it will be. Don't sell anything you know you will need to replace at a higher cost. Moving boxes and containers can be a big expense as well. Less stuff to move means a smaller truck to rent. A smaller truck means less money spent on gas. Look for creative ways of getting boxes or packing. Stores have cardboard boxes that they might give away, especially grocery stores. That's free. If you buy some boxes, remember that you can reuse them later if need. Don't throw them away. You can pack breakable items in drawers of your furniture, and use the clothes as padding. You can also use your clothes as packing material in other containers as well. More "free" packing and padding material can be your sheets, blankets, bed spreads, curtains, and towels. No need to buy packing material. There is no need to empty your drawers. If you rent your own truck, ask your friends to help you pack up! Offer to buy lunch, which is a much lower cost than hiring professional movers. Good luck with your move!

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