Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Winter

People treat their pets like family, so if this is you, think how you can keep them safe and warm during winter.

Best way? Keep them indoors. Most pet cats and dogs are not acclimated to the cold weather. They do have fur coats, but not all of their bodies are covered with it.

Letting your pet out to do its business for a minute or two is not a problem. Walking them might be.

They can get frostbite like humans. Their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and the bottom of their paws are not covered in fur. Keep your walks to a minimum, preferably during the warmest part of the day. Your cat or dog might need booties or a sweater. Chances are if your pet needs a coat, it's too cold for anyone to be outside, so make it short. Watch for salt in the roads and sidewalks. This could irritate paws and other exposed areas. make sure YOU are also prepared for slippery and cold weather when taking your dog for a walk.

Help them stay healthy by giving them plenty of food and water.

Some dog breeds, and cats, are made to be outside in the cold. Snow can even be fun. But remember, when temperatures drop below freezing, they can get cold if not equipped for it.

If you have cat or dog that stays outside, put up a shelter for it with warm blankets. It should keep the pet dry and be up off the ground if possible. Even make a doggie door in your side garage door if possible so they can bed down there. Straw or hay makes a good insulator against the ground. You could also make a flap for the front, keeping colder air out.

Be very careful when starting your car. The engine stays warm and can attract animals to lay on either on or under the hood. This is very dangerous for any animal. Just slap the hood with your hand a couple of times to scare them off.

Another option for an outdoor dog, is to put newspapers and a blanket down in a laundry room or back porch. Be sure and allow it out to do business and stretch its legs.

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