Welding Generators

If you have a need to weld in the field, away from a power source, you
need a welding generator. Don't mistake a normal gas generator for a
welding generator. They are not anywhere near the same. Welding
generators are built with welding in mind. Welding takes such a large
power load, that it would be nearly impossible anyway to run a welder
without one.

Why a welding generator? Welding needs high current. For that, you need
a dedicated welding generator. That is, a generator that is running a

Choosing a welding generator

Before you start looking for a welding generator, ask yourself what it
will be used for. A common need for a welding generator is a farm, ranch
or similar situation. Your farm equipment may need repairs in the field.
This is really one of the common uses for a welding generator.
Contractors doing welding will need one as well.

Welding comes in all forms, so assuming you know what type of welding
you will do, this will dictate what kind of welding generator to get.
Even small repairs and spot welds require quite a lot of amperes, uwards
of 12,000.

If you are a professional welder and do professional jobs, choosing the
largest, dedicated welding generator would be prudent.

For people who are not professional welders...

This would include farmers, ranchers, and the like. If you are a person
that just needs to do welding repairs in farm or ranch vehicles in the
field, here are some things you should know.

Welding generators are really one man machines. That is, the person
doing the welding. Since many welding generators can be used as stand
alone generators as well, be warned. Multiple things running at the same
time will zap the energy. You will not be able to weld if other people
are running lights, power tools, etc. at the same time.

You also need to be able to set the welder easily and in a short time.
Choose a generator that has big, easily accessible controls, and very
easy to set for each job. Most farmers and ranchers are not professional
welders, nor do they need to be.

If you are planning to run extra equipment at the same time, choose a
welding generator that comes complete with a dedicated welding
generator, as well as a stand alone generator. You don't want to leave
yourself underpowered. But if you are a one man operation, you should be
able to get by with just a welding generator made for one job.

Farm and ranch equipment comes under a lot of stress and breakdowns can
occur anywhere. Having a portable dedicated welding generator that can
be readily moved to any part of your acreage definitely can make life