Solar Generators

Solar energy, whether we're talking about residential solar panels or
hybrid vehicles, is becoming increasingly more popular. This isn't
surprising when you factor in the cost savings in the long run.

One piece of technology making waves in the sun-powered community
is portable and backup generators powered by solar energy.

The latest in generator technology is using solar power to provide
electricity. While the price can be more, there are many advantages over
solar generators than gasoline or diesel. A solar generator does not
need to be turned on the way power generators normally are. Solar
generators are basically always on.

A solar generator can store electricity in batteries and provide instant
power. It can also operate freely even when you have power. A fuel
powered generator must be running to provide power.

Even if you don't need all the power, you are still burning gasoline or
diesel to run a power generator.

Many people think gas generators are very easy to use. You just fuel it,
plug in your appliances. It is easy. But there is the cost of fuel and
the danger of storing it. No need with a solar generator.

Why choose a solar generator?

There is no fuel cost. There are no moving parts to break down. Many
backup gasoline generators have a small lifespan and they do require
maintenance. Not so with a solar generator. There are no toxic exhaust
fumes either.

But what about night time? There's no sun. Remember, solar generators
store energy in batteries. It is true that portable solar generators do
not provide as much power. But in reality, nobody runs there whole house
on a gas generator as a backup. The want a few lights and the
refrigerator. A solar generator will do just fine.

If you are in a disaster in your home, no electricity, chances are going
out to by more gasoline is not an option. Your gas powered generator
will run out of fuel if you need it for a long time. A solar powered
generator lasts forever.

You could have the best of both worlds. A small gas and solar powered

Portable solar generators are easy to packup and setup. In minutes you
can have ready electricity.

Think of the quietness and convenience of a solar generator. Your
outdoor outings and camping trips will be the perfect spot for you solar
generator. They are normally much lighter than their fuel counterparts.