Uses for Generators

In all seasons, from winter to summer, you may need a back up power
supply. Rain, snow, flood, blackouts, anything can affect your
electricity supply. Having a backup source like a generator is a must.

You may be without power for hours or days. A generator can power
appliances that you absolutely need. Like a refrigerator, fans, lights,
and possibly heaters.

Generators for Camping

Camping can be an even more fun experience with a generator. You can run
lights, a radio, CD player, even television and of course your laptop!

It can even be a backup electrical source for your RV or camper. If you
are out in the wilderness, you never know when you will need backup power.

Generators take all parties outdoors!

Even if you just have a part in your backyard, a generator will avoid
extension cords cluttering up your yard.

Your family reunion, birthday party, or other family or group
celebration will know no bounds with a generator. You will need music,
lights, even a PA system.

Contractors need backup electrical power.

Contractors and construction workers use power tools. Power tools take
electricity. Many times you are away from a power supply, or need to
shut the main power down. A generator could save you time and may well
save your business. Some of your tools may run on batteries, but it will
never hurt to be able to recharge them when needed. Many power tools run
off of an air compressor. That too needs electricity. Time is money in
the construction trade, and a generator will save both.

Other uses for a generator.

Tailgate parties use electricity. Even if you have a camper or RV, you will need a backup power source. You may need a hot plate for food warming, music, as well as big screen TV. And of course after dark, some lights. Why run your vehicle power supply down? Get a generator!

You will find so many uses for a generator, you will wonder why you ever
did without one. Don't think it will just sit in the garage unused until
a power outage. If you are into outdoor activities and work, your
generator will see a lot of use.